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APMS Multi-Channel Signal Generator: Phase Coherence

Excellent frequency stability with AnaPico’s APMS multi-channel signal generators. Now up to 40 GHz.

AnaPico’s APMS multi-channel signal generator products are now available up to 40 GHz, enabling excellent frequency stability, phase coherence and extremely fast tuning speed. Key features:
  • independent adjustable channels
  • ultra-low noise
  • phase coherent
  • phase continuous
  • intra-pulse modulation
Each channel can be programmed independently in frequency, phase, amplitude and modulation. Channel-to-channel phase coherence: With the new generation of the APMS, the channel-to-channel phase coherence has considerably improved. While the phase error was ±10 mrad (0.6 degrees) at 1 GHz over a period of 10 hours on the old generation, it is now less than ±1 mrad (0.06 degrees) on the new generation. Unit-to-unit phase stability: Thanks to the dedicated clock synchronization mode that was added on the new generation, the unit-to-unit phase coherence is equivalent to the one achieved within a single unit. Thus it is possible to extend a single unit to virtually any number of channels while the phase coherence remains unaltered.

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