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APUASYN20-X: Ultra-Agile Signal Source from 8 kHz to 20 GHz

Fast switching speeds with good phase noise and signal quality: the APUASYN20-X Frequency Synthesizer APUASYN20-X: The APUASYN20-X is a multi-channel version of a very compact and agile signal source up to 20 GHz. It combines fast switching speeds with good phase noise and signal quality. For further information about our product range contact our support

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APPH: Introducing the new option LO

AnaPico proudly presents its latest video, which gives an introduction of the option LO of the signal source analyzer, the APPH. The new option LO provides access to the two internal local oscillators that can be used for additive phase noise measurements. In addition, it gives direct access to the separate channels. This results in

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APMS-ULN-Multi-Channel Signal Generators up to 40 GHz

Ultra-Low Phase Noise, Multi-Channel Source with Phase Coherent Switching

APMS40G-ULN-PHS: multi-channel synthesized signal generators Simulating and testing multi-antenna systems such as phased arrays or beamforming antennas requires a test system capable of providing multiple signals with deterministic frequency and amplitude with stable, user-adjustable phase relationship among those signals. AnaPico’s APMS multi-channel signal generators provide a well-designed solution for these applications, packing unique phase coherent

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APULN40: 40 GHz Signal Generator, ultra low noise with exceptional signal purity

Ultra low-low noise: the APULN40 Signal Generator APULN40: The 100 kHz to 40 GHz ultra-low phase noise signal generator enhances Anapico’s signal generator product lines. Settable frequency up to 42 GHz, ultra-low phase noise combined with analog modulation capabilities including narrow pulse modulation makes this unit very attractive for a broad range of applications where pure

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