APSYN420 - up to 20 GHz

0.01 to 20 GHz Low Noise Synthesizer

0.01 to 20 GHz Low Noise Synthesizer

The APSYN420 models consist of low phase-noise synthesizers operating up to 20GHz. The modules have a mHz frequency resolution and use a high-stability internal reference. The internal reference can be phase-locked to a programmable external reference. The modules have USB and LAN interfaces and can be controlled using SCPI 1999 command set. Operated with an external DC supply, they typically consume less than 10 W power.

Anapico also offers signal generators and synthesizers with multiple synchronous outputs and frequencies up to 20 GHz.

# of channels


Frequency Range

0.01 to 20 GHz

Frequency Resolution

0.001 Hz

Frequency Accuracy

0.1 ppm

Output Power

+23 dBm

Switching Speed

180 µs (25 µs with option FS)

Phase Noise At 1 GHz: at 1 kHz

-118 dBc/Hz

Phase Noise At 1 GHz: at 20 kHz

-128 dBc/Hz

Phase Noise At 1 GHz: at 10 MHz

-150 dBc/Hz

Remote Control

Ethernet, USB (SCPI v1999)


Chirp, FM/PM, Pulse


Frequency, List

Dimensions (W x L x H), Weight

210 x 105 x 60 mm [8.27 x 4.13 x 2.36 in], < 1.0 kg


• Low phase noise
• Fast switching down to 20 µs
• FM, Chirps, Pulse
• Internal OCXO, external variable reference
• Single DC supply


• LO for frequency converters
• Telecom / SatCom


FS Enhanced switching speed
1URM 19” 1HU rack-mount module
WE One year warranty extension (standard: 2 years)
ReCal Recalibration with test data (recommended: two years interval)
APSYN420 0.01 to 20 GHz


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