APPH Models - up to 40 GHz

1 MHz to 40 GHz Signal Source Analyzer

AnaPico’s APPH family is a fully self-contained signal source analyzer with models from 1 MHz up to 7, 26 or 40 GHz.

1 MHz to 40 GHz Signal Source Analyzer

The APPH is a fully self-contained signal source analyzer with models from 1 MHz up to 7, 26 or 40 GHz. It offers an indispensable set of measurement functions for evaluating signal sources, (ranging from VHF to microwave frequencies) but also active and passive nonself oscillating devices like amplifiers, or frequency dividers. A mixed-signal system architecture with a FPGA cross-spectrum engine enables very fast signal processing and ultra-low phase noise sensitivity.

Built-in programmable power supplies and low-noise tuning voltages make the unit extremely flexible and easy to use.

The full set of functions includes:

  • amplitude noise and absolute and residual phase noise measurements of continuous-wave and pulse-modulated signals
  • time stability measurements including Allan deviation
  • cross-spectrum FFT analysis with 100 MHz bandwidth
  • transient measurements
  • oscillator test bench
  • spectrum monitoring
Frequency Range

APPH20G: 1 MHz to 26 GHz, APPH40G: 1 MHz to 40 GHz, APPH6040: 1 MHz to 7 GHz

Input Power Range

-15 to +20 dBm

Analysis Range

0.01 Hz to 100 MHz

Dimensions (W x L x H), Weight

467.5 x 342 x 154 mm [18.4 x 13.5 x 6.1 in], 10 kg

Measurements Supported

Allan deviation, amplitude noise (CW & pulsed), frequency counter, jitter, phase noise (absolute & additive, CW, pulsed or burst-mode), spectrum monitoring, transients of frequency / power / phase, VCO test bench


• All-in-one compact measurement system
• Measurements down to -190 dBc/Hz
• Offset range from 0.01 Hz to 100 MHz
• Highest flexibility & dynamic range by selectable internal or external references
• Programmable low noise power supplies
• Powerful GUI and programming interface


• Ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillator analysis
• Versatile phase noise and amplitude noise analysis
• Analysis of pulsed signals
• High-speed production testing of phase noise
• Additive phase noise characterization of amplifiers, transmitters, mixers
• Time stability analysis of clocks
• VCO testing


AM Amplitude noise measurements
LN Ultra-low noise internal sources
PULSE Pulsed signal measurement
BURST Burst mode phase noise measurement (requires option TRAN)
APN Additive phase noise measurement
TRAN Transient analysis
TSTAB Time stability analysis
VCO VCO characterization
SPEC Spectrum monitoring
LO Access to internal reference for residual phase noise measurement (requires option APN)
GPIB GPIB interface
WE One year warranty extension (standard: 2 years)
ReCal Recalibration with test data (recommended: two years interval)
Retrofit applies when options are backordered
APNS Traceable AM / PN noise standard
PS06 1-6 GHz mechanical phase shifter
PS18 4-18 GHz mechanical phase shifter
APPH6040 7 GHz Signal Source Analyzer
APPH20G 26 GHz Signal Source Analyzer
APPH40G 40 GHz Signal Source Analyzer


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