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40 GHz, Agile, Phase-Coherent, Multi-Output Vector Signal Source

APVSG: Vector Signal Generator Today, digital modulation schemes are widely used in communication systems, and the increasing need for data bandwidth has pushed the signal purity and modulation bandwidth requirements for modern vector signal sources. Other applications with similar performance requirements include radio surveillance, interference analysis, radar signal analysis and electronic warfare. Addressing these demanding

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APLC: New product

APLCXX(-X): Agile ultra-low phase noise signal generator The APLCXX(-X) is an agile ultra-low phase noise signal generator from 100 kHz to 12.75 (APLC12-X), 20 (APLC20-X), or 40 GHz (APLC40-X). It is available with 1 to 4 independently programmable, phase-coherent outputs. Excellent harmonic and spurious performance in combination with fast switching makes the instruments very well

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Measuring Absolute and Additive Phase Noise of Pulse-Modulated Signals

APPH40G: Phase Noise Analyzer Phase noise is an important parameter for the performance of a radar system. Most radars employ pulse modulation, and the velocity of the target is derived by detecting the Doppler shift of the radar’s reflected signal relative to the frequency of the transmitter. The transmitter’s own phase noise strongly affects the

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