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Measuring Phase Noise to 1 THz using Cross-Correlated Down-Conversion

APPH Phase Noise Analyzer Increasing operating frequencies for radar and communications are pushing the test and measurement industry to provide solutions for characterizing phase noise in these upper bands. The development of test systems at mmWave and higher frequencies is important for research and will become essential for production testing. This article shows a cost-effective and

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Vector Signal Generator Webinar

APVSG WEBINAR – February 3rd, 07:00 pm CET Don’t miss our Vector Signal Generator Live Webinar on February 3rd, 07:00 pm CET Make sure to register now and learn more about our VSG models. Can’t make it? Register anyway for a webinar recording to be sent to you! For further information about our product range

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Phase-Coherent Channels and Switching in Multi-Channel Microwave Signal Generators

Multi-channel Signal Sources Electronically generated signal frequencies always have phase noise or frequency jitter. Over time and with varying ambient temperature, the signals will drift further. Generating accurate and stable signal frequencies and, for many applications, maintaining the relative frequency and phase stability among multiple channels are a fundamental and ongoing challenge. If the phase

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